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Vampire Cafe

We know what's tasty...

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Vampires in print, tv, movies and the web
Vampire Cafe


Here we whet your palate with vampires in the media related interviews, news, reviews and information. We'd also like to include delicious vampire graphics, icons, wallpaper, friends only banners, lj layouts, screenshots, fiction and stories, along with everything else vampire related.




1. No drama. No flaming. No hate. No personal insults. We're all here to enjoy ourselves, anything found to be inflammatory will be deleted. Don't feed the trolls. Since posting is open there is a chance someone will post something trying to antagonize the comm. Please don't respond to these people and I will delete the message as soon as possible.

2. Spoilers. Keep spoilers under an LJ-cut. Assume spoilers under cuts.

3. Graphics. Put more than 3 icons under an LJ-cut. Use thumbnails if your graphics are large and be sure to put them under a cut as needed.

4. Graphics cont. Do not post multiple fandom graphics posts unless they are ALL related to vampires. Messages with graphics/fandoms other than vampire related will be cheerfully deleted. (I can be flexible with this one, have at least 10 icons related to vampires in the linked post/lj-cut.)

5. 'Real' Vampires. Don't post pretending about how you are a vampire in real life. This will get you banned. This is not a place for goth/emo/vampires, or real life vampyres, or cutting or the goth/emo subculture. Vampires in fiction only. This is NOT a place for otherkin.

6. Actors in other shows. Don't post stories/articles/links about actors/writers that do not mention vampires or a vampire related show/book. Also, I don't care about who is dating who, who's marrying who, who is spending the night with who...etc. Don't post that stuff unless it's part of an interview talking about other things.

7. Ads. Do NOT post advertisements for products that you or your company are selling. It will be deleted and marked as spam. Do not post articles related to anything other than vampires and vamprie related shows/books.

8. Promos. Promos to other vampire related communities are allowed, no more than once every two weeks, please.

9. Legal stuff. Do not post porn or anything illegal.

10. Moderation. At any time I may decide to temporarily switch to moderated posting for this community. This will only be done if I feel there might be a problem. If I do, do not panic, all posts will be taken care of within 12 hours of posting.

11. Tags. Tag your stuff. Please. Find all the tags that apply and select them for your post. So if it's true blood graphics, select graphics:true blood and tv:true blood. If it's an interview with paul wesley, select tv:vampire diaries and actors:paul wesley. Not every actor has a tag, just the really popular ones, twilight, true blood, vampire diaries, etc. If there are no tags for the movie/show you've selected, don't worry, I will take care of it and that tag will be available next time.

12. Banning. Should it be necessary to ban anyone from angelcafe, vampirecafe, werewolfcafe or cafebookclub, that person will be banned from all communities, even if they are not a member of the other community. I treat the communities as branches of each other and it's just easier for me to avoid any possible future problems by taking care of it immediately. Bannings are permanent.

13. Source. Remember to cite your source when posting articles via a link to the exact article you got the information from, if possible.

These rules may be modified at any time without notice...please check back for latest list.

Thank you.

What are we looking for in posts?
♥Graphics of any type related to vampires.
♥Links to sites or YouTube videos with vampire interests, reviews of shows, interviews about shows, upcoming books, etc.
♥Discussion questions about different aspects of vampire nature or abilities in different books/shows.
♥Interviews and videos related to vampires.
♥Reviews of vampire tv shows, movies and books.



Start by posting an introduction post...tell us why you like vampires, what drew you to vampires, what books and authors you read, what tv shows you like, what really floats your boat about vampires...or not, totally up to you.


Main Course

Then post your favorite vampire related links, graphics, icons, friends only banners, wallpapers, quote icons, reviews of current books, tv shows, movies, information about upcoming events and tv programs, YouTube trailers, fan videos, fan fiction, and almost everything else vampire related.

Please do not post multi-fandom posts to this community unless they are all vampire related.

If you'd like to be a reviewer for vampirecafe and review vampire books, movies or tv shows, please comment here.

The review should be well thought out and RESEARCHED. Not just wiki the plot and write a review. That's bad. Also, "it sucked" is not a review. Please give info on the movie, what you liked, what you didn't like, and a rating, whatever system you'd like to use.

Current Reviewers:
deaana - Reviews
keysotosoto129 - Reviews

Suggested Review format:
(Remove the stuff in parenthesis)



Do not post links to illegal downloads, like leaked manuscripts, downloads of entire episodes of shows or movies, or anything in that ilk. I don't want the gods of copyright coming down on us.

If you are the author/copyright holder of any of the articles found on vampirecafe and wish me to remove any article, please include a link to the material and send me a message for fastest response,or leave a comment at the Page-A-Mod post.


To Go Menu

If you'd like to affiliate with us, please leave a comment here and we will add your links to ours, as long as your community/journal is related to vampires in some way.

Feel free to use this graphic to link back to us,
I'm sure we'll have some more to choose from soon.


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Being Human:
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Vampire Graphics:

Vampire Fiction:
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Vampire Fashion:
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Sister sites:
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No matter what side of this conversation we're on, I'm sure we can relate.
I place this here because I know sometimes conversations can get a bit heated,
please remember to be civil with each other and accept our differences of opinion.

~Cafe Comms Network~

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