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petzipellepingo [userpic]
by petzipellepingo (petzipellepingo)
at August 19th, 2010 (08:37 am)

Cool book alert: Adam Rex's 'Fat Vampire'

While I'd call myself a vampire fan, I'm not obsessed with bloodsuckers the way some folks are.

However, a new vampire-themed young adult book devoured my attention so completely that I almost missed my stop on the subway last week. Adam Rex's Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story is funny, dark, surprising and jam-packed with unexpected pop-culture references. (You won't find shout-outs to Dame Darcy's Meat Cake and Rocky Horror in the Twilight series.)

And yes, it's about a chubby vampire -- specifically, a poor dude named Doug who is doomed to spend his life as an awkward 15-year-old. His human best friend Jay is the only person who can help him deal with major crises, like when he turns into a bat.

Rex manages to satirize the current vampire craze while at the same time craft a thoughtful and honest teen tale. Along with a thirst for blood, the book has heart.

You can read one excerpt on the publisher's site and another on adamrex.com. Here's a trailer, though it doesn't have too much to do with the book:


Fat Vampire (HarperCollins, $16.99) is on sale now. I encourage you to -- groan-worthy pun ahead! -- sink your teeth into it.