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ancient_immie [userpic]
The Phoenix Foundation: [BtVS| Angel| SPN| True Blood] RPG
by ancient_immie (ancient_immie)
at March 27th, 2010 (10:39 pm)


I have permission from the Mod to promote the game. We do have vampires in the game most are currently available! We just added the True Blood fandom in addition to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Supernatural. All the info on the game is under the lj-cut to spare the FLists.


"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

[About The Foundation]

Welcome to the Phoenix Foundation. We are a network of individuals and resources that work for the greater good. No case is too unusual for us. We have a vast site of resources and will work with our clients to help them through a difficult time. We are not just a national foundation, we have the ability to travel the globe and help those abroad as well.

[Join The Foundation]

We do require that our incoming members be honest and submit to a background check which is quite through. We never force anyone to work for us, every member is here on a voluntary basis and can leave at any time. Applications for potions within the foundation are available here.

| Rules | Application(s) | Character Listing | Premise

Thanks for your time and we hope to see you there!