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Deaana [userpic]
True Blood: 'Southland' Star Ben McKenzie
by Deaana (deaana)
at January 27th, 2010 (05:31 pm)

Forget 'Twilight'! 'Southland' Star Ben McKenzie Is Ready For A Different Kind Of Vampire Role
Posted 8 hrs ago by Jocelyn Vena in Random Yet Notable, Videos

It seems like if you work with "Southland" star Ben McKenzie at some point you're bound to get cast in the newest, hottest vampire franchise. Don't believe us? Well, Cam Gigandet was on "The O.C." and then went on to star in "Twilight." Kevin Alejandro is on "Southland,", but he'll also be joining the cast of "True Blood". Plus, as Ben so, um, nicely reminded us he also has a connection to the world of "Vampire Diaries."

"Paul Wesley played Donnie [on "The O.C.] and is now on 'Vampire Diaries,'" Ben reminded MTV News, jokingly adding, "You need to do your research."

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