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The Cullens' Night Before Christmas

The Cullens' Night Before Christmas
by deaana

With apologies to Clement C. Moore

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the mansion
The Cullens were stirring and Alice was dancin'
Stockings were hung by Alice with care
With hope that celebrations soon would be there

Jacob was nestled all snug on the couch
Rose was all sneering and being a grouch
Emmett and Jasper beginning a fight
And Esme ensuring all was all right

Carlise was quiet and reading a book
And Alice was grinning, giving Jasper a look
Nessie was sleeping, all snug in Bella's arms
And Edward was grinning, victim of his ladies' charms

When a noise from outside made them all start
Santa was coming in his wee little cart
Eight pairs of golden eyes, they watched him descend
The surprise in their eyes, they didn't pretend

The eight tiny reindeer, they shied away
But presents must be delivered this Christmas day
Santa's eyes sparkled as he eyed the clan
But he worked up his courage, for he was the man

The sled skidded and slid into the driveway
The reindeer quite nervous to be in the fray
Santa hopped off his sleigh with his little sack
And reassured the reindeer he would soon be back

He entered the house, didn't bother to knock
The golden eyes watched and he entered, with shock
A present for each of the assembled he had
For all of them had not been bad

For Emmett he gave a stuffed teddy bear
His eyes they did twinkle when Emmett just stared
For Rose a small mirror with a quiet reflection
So she could study her glorious perfection

For Alice he gave the most perfect shoes
She smiled and nodded as if she knew
For Jasper a bookmark and a Dr. Phil book
So he could feel better about the lives he took

For Carlise a book, the 'History of Dhamphir'
With a wink and a whisper only he could hear
For Esme a rose, gilded in gold
Its perfection and beauty was joy to behold

For Jacob he grinned and shook his head
Jake was all snoring, even without a bed
Two little presents he stuck on his side
A brand new flea collar and a bone of rawhide

As he came to see Nessie he gave quite a start
She was growing so fast, as was her sweet heart
In her hand he snuck her a library card
And a book of plays by the famous bard

With Bella and Edward, he stopped and he grinned
A sprig of green upon them he pinned
Mistletoe with little berries of white
To remind them to kiss all through the night

With a grin and a dash he ran to his sleigh
The reindeer were all eager to be away
With a wave and a laugh he flew out of sight
Saying 'Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night'

This was something I've been kicking around in my head the past few days and finally sat down and wrote it all out. I thought maybe someone had done something similar online, before me, but I didn't find anything when I looked so I wrote it myself. Hope you enjoyed it!
Tags: fanfiction:twilight saga
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