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petzipellepingo [userpic]
by petzipellepingo (petzipellepingo)
at July 18th, 2015 (05:42 pm)

Vampires poke around social media in exclusive 'Shadows' deleted scene

By Brian Truitt

What Spinal Tap did for dim heavy-metal rockers, What We Do in the Shadows (on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday) does for the bloodsucking contingent. Written and directed by stars Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement (of Flight of the Conchords fame) the mockumentary follows vampire flatmates in New Zealand and how they get by in the world — in the case of Clement’s ornery Vladislav, that means 862 years of rockin’ it fang style. Like everyone, they have to get up to speed for modern times, and Vlad learns about social media from their human computer-programming guy Stu (Stu Rutherford) in this exclusive deleted scene from the horror comedy. There’s a woman named Caroline who is Vlad’s friend on Facebook who’s not really his friend per se — we’ve all been there, Vladster! — and he decides to “poke” her though he’s a little irked at what she might do in return.